BDA offer a full architectural service across all RIBA Work Stages; from discussion of initial ideas and preparation of the brief, to detailed development of the design, all the way through to construction, handover, and in use.



Stage 0 - Strategic Definition

This is the consideration stage for you as the client. Once you have contacted us, we would arrange a convenient time to visit you, or for you to visit our studio to talk through your proposals and ideas and explain the process involved. 


A written form of appointment would then be issued to you for confirmation to proceed.



Stage 1 - Preparation & Briefing

Upon appointing us as your Architects, we would then assist you to prepare the design brief, confirming the key requirements for the project. At this stage a measured and photographic survey will be carried out and a full set of existing drawings will be produced.


We believe that the most important factor when undertaking a project is to fully understand the importance of the client’s needs, allowing us to find an appropriate and achievable solution which not only meets those needs but is also innovative and exciting.



Stage 2 - Concept Design

We then analyse the project requirements and, based on your brief, prepare concept design ideas to discuss with you. This feasibility stage allows us to test ideas and consider a variety of options for the project before progressing to detailed design. 



Stage 3 - Spatial Coordination

Upon approval of the concept design, we develop the scheme and create detailed design drawings, tailored towards obtaining the relevant approvals required. It is crucial to make sure the correct permissions for the work are in place. We advise on the best approach, and prepare all of the required drawings and forms.


Upon completion of the design drawing package, we submit the application to the Local Authority for the relevant type of Planning Approval required, on your behalf, acting as your agent throughout the entire process until decision is issued.



Stage 4 - Technical Design

During this stage, along with any other consultants (as required), we will prepare the technical design drawings and specifications and/or schedule of works that will be used for tendering and construction purposes.


It is at this stage where we submit the technical design drawings to the Local Authority or an Independent Approved Building Control service for checking for compliance with the UK Building Regulations.



Stage 5 - Manufacturing and Construction

Throughout the construction phase, we administer the building contract with your chosen contractor – carrying out site inspections and monitoring progress on site. During this stage we answer queries, instruct any additional works, keep track of cost and certify payment due to the building contractor.



Stage 6 - Handover

When the project is ready to handover, we inspect the works to ensure they have been completed in accordance with the drawings and contract documents. We assist with the snagging process to identify any outstanding issues which need to be resolved before handover, ensuring all deliverables have been achieved as per the contract. We advise on their resolution before agreeing the final account. 


Upon confirmation, we can issue a certificate of Practical Completion.



Stage 7 - Use

When the project is in use, we communicate with our clients to ensure the scheme is functioning as intended and address any issues that may have arisen, providing ongoing support. We can assist building users during the initial occupation period and carry out post-occupation evaluations, if required.